Counselling by Christian Psychologists in Australia.  

What is Christian Counselling?

Different people mean different things by the term "Christian Counselling". In our practice Christian psychologists apply techniques and principles that psychology has shown are effective for particular problems. However they do this within a Christian framework. Seeing a Christian psychologist means you are able to work through problems with someone who appreciates how central your Christian beliefs are to your life.
All the psychologists in our practice are have completed two years of full-time specialist University training in Clinical Psychology, in addition to the four years of University (+2 years experience) required to become a psychologist. They have training and experience in helping people with a wide range of issues from marriage problems to severe psychological disorders.

Clinical Psychologists in our practice are Christians. They are active members of local evangelical protestant churches. They are: Peter Allen, who currently sees clients at Blacktown ,


Medicare Rebates are now available for those referred by a GP under a Mental Health Treatment Plan, or referred by a psychiatrist or paediatrician. (There are some conditions for eligibility).


To make an appointment please call (02) 9621 7775 or you can email us at: office@christiancounselling.com.au

Peter's email: Peter@christiancounselling.com.au

Please note that occassionally the email accounts are not checked at regular intervals, so please do not rely on email for urgent contact. For urgent assistance please consider contacting Lifeline 13 11 14 or your local mental health service.


For details of Christian Clinical Psychologists in other Australian states click here.



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